History of the Central African Republic

Early History 10,000 – 6,000 BCE Desertification forced hunter-gatherer societies south into the Sahel regions of northern Central Africa, where some groups settled. (1) 3500 – 2700 BCE The Bouar Megaliths in the western region of the country indicate an advanced level of habitation dating back to the very late Neolithic Era. “The cooperation necessary to make and position these monumentsContinue reading “History of the Central African Republic”

Central African Republic is country #8!

Yes! We are off to Africa everybody! Have you ever heard of this country? I had never… and it’s true… it is right in the center of Africa! How did I not see this country before?! Well we are really going to now! Here we go!

An Israeli Angel

Hello! Yes! I was immediately inspired when I saw Jewish paper cutting and I knew I would attempt an angel in that art form. I tried finding a particular artist, but I decided to look at this art form as a whole and choose elements that I liked from the two particular styles and artists.Continue reading “An Israeli Angel”

Jewish Paper Cutting

No one is certain of how the story of Jewish Paper cutting began. Paper cutting as an art form was started by the Chinese as they were also the creators of paper. Their paper cutting in the only one to be listed in the UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List. Similarities between Chinese paper cutters andContinue reading “Jewish Paper Cutting”


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