General Facts about Kiribati

Kiribati, officially Republic of Kiribati, is a country made up of 33 islands in the Pacific Ocean. Kiribati has a total land area of 313 square miles (811 square kilometres). The population is concentrated in 16 Gilbert Islands and 3 Line Islands. In between lie the islands of the Phoenix group, which have no permanent population. Kiribati is the only country in theContinue reading “General Facts about Kiribati”

Kiribati is country 4!

I asked for a country I had no ida about, not even in location and my wish came true! It took me a while to find it in the middle of the Pacific Ocean! So Kiribati! Here we go!

I will be traveling the real world so…

I will be taking a short break from my virtual one from August 11… yes! Today! Until September 14. I will be traveling to Spain and France to see my family and have a Paris adventure with my 17 year old! Thank you so much for following in my adventures! Be well!

A Mamani Mamani Angel

Today I say goodbye to Bolivia with this post about one of its most renown artists: Roberto Mamani Mamani. Roberto Mamani Mamani was born on the 6th of December of 1962. He draws into his art the colors and symbolism of his Aymaran Heritage. These were the elements that made me fall in love immediatelyContinue reading “A Mamani Mamani Angel”

La Paz, Capital of Bolivia

La Paz, short for La Ciudad de Nuestra Señora de La Paz (the City of Our Lady of Peace) was founded on October, 20 1548 by a Spaniard Captain Called Alonso de Mendoza. It’s beginnings were at “Laja” on the Tiwanaku road, but soon after it was moved to the valley of Chuquiago Marka (RioContinue reading “La Paz, Capital of Bolivia”

Traditional Dances of Bolivia

Looking at various dances from Bolivia, what struck me the most was how colorful their outfits are… layer after layer of woven colors. These are some of their traditional dances: Tinku Tinku dancing is a form of ritualistic combat / dance of Bolivian Aymara origin. In Quechua language, it means “meeting-encounter”. During this ritual, menContinue reading “Traditional Dances of Bolivia”

Making a Yarn Llama

Among the many fiber based crafts sold in Bolivia, I really loved the llamas. I decided that this would be the first craft I would attempt to recreate. It was a lot more time consuming than I expected! Nevertheless it was very enjoyable. I started by first looking at some ideas: But then I sawContinue reading “Making a Yarn Llama”


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