Geography of Comoros

The Comoros is a volcanic archipelago that formed islands from the Indian Ocean floor. The three major islands are known as Ngazidja (Grande Comore), Ndzuani (Anjouan) and Mwali (Mohéli). These islands are known by their official Comorian language names, but to the international community by their previous French names in parenthesis. These islands are locatedContinue reading “Geography of Comoros”

General Facts about Comoros

The Comoros, officially known as the Union of the Comoros, is an island country in the Indian Ocean, at the northern end of the Mozambique Channel off the eastern coast of Africa. Comoros is made of the three islands: Grande Comore (Ngazidja), Mohéli (Mwali), and Anjouan (Ndzuani) and even though it claim sovereignty over the fourth major island Mayotte (Maore), thisContinue reading “General Facts about Comoros”

Comoros is Country 5!

I had never heard of this country, so I had not idea where it was on the map either. It is very small, not sure how many islands, but it is closer to Easter Africa than Madagascar. Can’t wait to learn about it! So curious! Some people say Comores too… I saw it in theContinue reading “Comoros is Country 5!”

A Kiribati Angel!

November 14, 2021 I tried finding a visual artist from Kiribati, but I was not able to. So I decided to create an angel that reflected some of the elements I learned about this beautiful country. I decided to use the image of a man I posted in the weaving post as the base forContinue reading “A Kiribati Angel!”

Dancing in Kiribati

Dancing in Kiribati has similarities with the dancing in the Pacific Islands. What makes their dancing unique is the attempt to move their heads and arms like the frigate bird, one of the symbols in their flag. This bird movements are characterized by quick movements of the head and arms. According to one website thereContinue reading “Dancing in Kiribati”

Weaving Crafts in Kiribati

November 1, 2021 Hello! I did some research on the type of crafts that people of Kirabati made. It was not an easy search as there is little available. Still, the little I found made me realize that all of their crafts seemed to have a common thread… literally: weaving! I found a great blogContinue reading “Weaving Crafts in Kiribati”

The History of Kiribati: Timeline.

There are various theories about the origin and settlement of the different islands that make Kiribati. “Assessments as to when, and by whom, Tugaru (Gilbert Islands) was first settled have been variously based on: oral linguistics, physical anthropology: sailing capabilities; linguistics; genetic analysis; and archeological discoveries…” (5) 4,000 to 5,000 BCE According to Encyclopedia Britannica,Continue reading “The History of Kiribati: Timeline.”

Reef Islands, Atolls… A Look at Kiribati’s Geography.

The Republic of Kiribati comprises 32 atolls and reef islands and one raised coral island divided into three groupings: Tungaru/The Gilbert Islands, The Rawaki/Phoenix Islands and the Line Islands. These islands lie in the middle of a triangle between the Philippines, Hawaii and Australia. Kiribati is the only country in the that is spread intoContinue reading “Reef Islands, Atolls… A Look at Kiribati’s Geography.”

General Facts about Kiribati

Kiribati, officially Republic of Kiribati, is a country made up of 33 islands in the Pacific Ocean. Kiribati has a total land area of 313 square miles (811 square kilometres). The population is concentrated in 16 Gilbert Islands and 3 Line Islands. In between lie the islands of the Phoenix group, which have no permanent population. Kiribati is the only country in theContinue reading “General Facts about Kiribati”


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