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A Colombian Angel

Hello! I know it has been a while. But here I am!!! The artist from Colombia who’s style inspired me for this angel was Alejandro Obregón. These paintings, especially the first one: It inspired me so much that I copied a lot of it. The biggest difference is that I tried to recreate Bogotá below…

Three Colombian Artists

Hello! Yes… we are nearing the end of our virtual trip to Colombia and today I wanted to learn about the most famous visual arts artist from Colombia. Fernando Botero This artist is Colombia’s most famous artist. He was born on April 19, 1932 in Medellín. That’s right… he celebrated his 91st birthday today! His…

Making Ajiaco Colombiano

This is a delicious chicken-potato soup from Colombia. I think it is the same dish as Ajiaco Potato Soup from Peru and Pisca Andina from Venezuela. So it is probably more of an Andean Soup! I made a much smaller quantity than the original recipe so I will write both ingredients. Mine will be in…