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The Geography of Myanmar

Myanmar is the northernmost country in Southeast Asia. Its shape looks a lot like a kite or a diamond with a handle. It is the second largest nation in Southeast Asia after Indonesia with 261,000 square miles (676,000 Sq Km). Myanmar’s neighbors are India and Bangladesh to the west, China to the northeast, Laos andContinue reading “The Geography of Myanmar”

General Facts about Myanmar

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) is the the northernmost country in Southeast Asia. It covers a total area of 262,000 square miles (678,500 square kilometers). Its total length from north to south is about 1,275 miles (2,050 km), and its width at the widest part, across the centre of the countryContinue reading “General Facts about Myanmar”

Myanmar is country #9

Hello! Yes! It is time for a new country! We are off to Asia this time… to Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). Here we go!!!