My adventures begin!

Hello! Welcome!

My name is Maria Acuna. I am Venezuelan-American. I am an elementary Spanish Teacher working in an independent school in Boston, Mass.

During this year of Covid 19, I found myself often watching documentaries, going on Google Maps with Street view to check out places I heard about and researching about countries for my work. Finally this idea dawned on me… why don’t I travel systematically around the world… but virtually! And so here I am!

I am so happy and excited. Today, I start my virtual trip around the world! I decided to do this because while researching for my school’s classroom’s themes for work, I realized I was missing out on learning so much about the world.

So… my plan is to choose a country every 45 days. I will take those 45 days to learn about that country as much as I am able given the time and resources I find. I am interested in so many aspects, but I’d say the cultural part and linking it to history is what attracts me the most.

What aspects of culture? Arts in its many manifestations, with visual arts, crafts and culinary arts at the center.

There are 195 countries (193 recognized) at the moment. This means that I would travel all 195 countries in 25 years! This is something I could never do in person… for many many reasons! Time and money probably the main ones! And the best part I can be in my pajama pants the whole time!

Today I’m like finishing packing my bags, and tomorrow I will pick my first country… radomly! I’ll let you know all about it tomorrow!

Thank you for coming along! I am glad to share it with you! So my adventures are really our adventures!

I will create a calendar and keep track of the countries there.

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