Slovak Straw Easter Egg!

Happy Easter!

Today I made a straw Easter egg. Well I tried to. It is not straw because I came up with the idea just as I sat down to decorate my eggs and suddenly the thought came… how do Slovaks decorate theirs?

A quick search online yielded a lot of ways… just take a peek at THIS. I know right! WOW!!! In the end I settled on the straw ones! Just look how beautiful they are:

The problem was, I had no straw… but then I thought well straw is like dead leaves so why don’t I use that? And so I went on a very weird walk picking up dried oak leaves.

I decided to paint my egg red:

I saw other websites, this time only about straw Easter eggs HERE and HERE. I saw how a very talented woman made some designs and then used that as a cutting stencil. I decided to do the same. Except I did mine in Adobe Illustrator…

Printed it out and used a very small detail cutting scissors:

And here is a short video I made of the cutting and gluing process:

Yes it was a sticky business alright! But here is the final result…and I am so happy with it!

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