Corn Husk Doll from Slovakia

I was looking for another craft to make and this called my attention. I knew about corn husk dolls from North and South American Natives so I was fascinated that it is a craft done in Slovakia! I am utterly fascinated how not only food but crafts can travel and find new artisans to make them in another part of the world with it’s own touch!

This is what they look like in Slovakia:


Materials Needed:

For the doll:

corn husks

strong thin string

thin wire (optional)

deep tray with water


a crochet hook needle (for pulling thread in tricky areas, optional)

For the broom:

glue gun for broom (not needed for corn husk doll)


How to make it:

Here is a video I made of the process. It was a lot of fun! I was so impressed with how pliable the corn husks are once you wet them!

To make one all you need are corn husks and string. The string should be strong, so one with multiple threads like embroidery thread or a thin nylon string would be perfect. I didn’t have any corn husks as it is too early for corn season, so I bought this bag of Mexican corn husks in Amazon.

Then I set up my space with a deep tray (in my case baking pan) the corn husks and the string. Also a pair of scissors. The first step is to get the husks wet, soak for about 30 seconds. You will need around 15…

The other part of this craft is layering and tying. Some spots are tricky to tie . I found the hardest the very beginning. That is when I decided to use wire, I just could not tie it hard enough with a string:

Then from this base you will pull all the pieces over it and tie it. This creates the head.

I also rolled up one corn husk into a slim stick for the arms and hands and put it right after I made the head:

Then I worked on the hair, I decided on braids. I really enjoyed doing her hair!

Then I decided I wanted some puffy sleeves. This was a lot of work! And then I made her broom. I used sticks I picked up in a nearby park.

I placed a paper tube piece in the bottom to make sure it was stronger. And I put two dots with acrylic paint for eyes:

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