Great Esker Park. A Home Connection!

This is the first post where I will connect somewhere, something close to my home or in my home or a personal real experience in that country. I will call the first Home Connections and the latter Personal Travel Experience.

Today I will share my first home connection! While researching what an esker was back in my first geography post about Finland, I read that relatively close to me was the highest esker in North America! Imagine that!!! It is located in Weymouth, Massachusetts! Not bad Massachusetts considering that Michigan has over 1000 eskers! And Canada… who knows who many they must have!

So I decided to go there, it took me an hour and a half by public transportation. The day so hot! 90 degrees at mid-day! Thankfully most of the esker walk has the gorgeous shade of trees! So first watch this video… it is one of the best I’ve ever made. I chose the perfect music! It just enhances the experience to another level of beauty:

What did you think? Yes… for me the favorite part in the video is around minute 3:13 with the high grass… it seemed to be playing the music! Thanks to George Winston… so much of his music has accompanied me in creating! This version was a tribute from a man called Andy Street, loved what he did with one of my favorites “Colours/Dance”. The colors danced in the tall grass for sure!

Now, let’s get back to our esker, first I’ll share how to get there. So if you are local , you can drive there or take the train and get to Quincy Center on the red line. From there you pick up bus #222 that after 21 stops will drop you right in a shopping mall that is next to the park. Walking through the parking lot to get to the entrance was my least favorite part in the sun coming back. I thought I was going to melt!

Here are most of the photos I took of the Great Esker park for your perusal!

So basically that red trail on the map is the esker…

This is what most of the walk looks like! And in the highest point there is some fencing on the right side… with good reason… it’s 90 feet high!

The woman in the photo is Mary F. Toomey, an environmentalist key to the foundation and preservation of this park. So glad they placed this information in the highest point… you can read it below:

This was the view at the highest point… you can’t really tell how high it is there by the photos…it is so much higher than it looks in these photos!

Then a downhill begins and you get to this beautiful area. Here I was to find the cherry on top to this excursion… keep looking at the photos…

I absolutely loved this observation area… and there was a cooling wind that made the high grass change colors! It was so spectacular! I felt I was in impressionist painting. Thought of Van Gogh… he would have gone crazy here!

Then it was time to head back… You can see here it was a bout a 5 miles walk… Yes! I took my time!

On my way back the road is low with the back river on one side and a high mountain on the other… and it had the most amazing formations. One could see through trees… and there was so much moss and lichens. And I discovered the sweetest gnome! I thought it perfect as this is part of Finland’s culture! More about gnomes coming soon!

That someone did that made my heart smile! That is a kindred spirit for sure! Now I want to create a gnome house with natural materials! We’ll see if I have time!

This is Whale Island:

This was the cherry on top… there was a swing tied to a tree! And I delighted in swinging for like 10 minutes to probably my best swing view ever! And on the floor there was a rock painted with a “Happy” sign… and that’s how I was! Like Elizabeth Bennet says in Pride and Prejudice: I was completely and perfectly and incandescently happy!”

So, SO! thankful!

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