A Mamani Mamani Angel

Today I say goodbye to Bolivia with this post about one of its most renown artists: Roberto Mamani Mamani.

Roberto Mamani Mamani was born on the 6th of December of 1962. He draws into his art the colors and symbolism of his Aymaran Heritage. These were the elements that made me fall in love immediately with his work. It also has a touch of surrealism and whimsical that I am very drawn to.

He has participated in over 58 exhibits, of which 52 have been personal. He has won numerous national and international awards. His work is part of the private collections of many museums around the world. He has also painted murals.

He has a gallery where you can meet him if you are lucky and see (and buy) his work at CALLE INDABURO #710 ESQUINA JAÉN.

This is the opening statement from his personal blog. Translation to English immediately follows:


Soy un niño terrible, que juega con los colores
como una ñusta tejedora que tiñe los mantos sagrados

Soy un niño con manos pequeñas que juega con el barro
como un amauta con las estrellas
que observa el destino de la vida.

Soy un niño que contruye y destruye y crea.
Dibujo la luz, el aire y las montañas para la vida,
la alegría y la felicidad de los hombres buenos.

Soy un niño de los Andes, que juega con el arcoiris.
El color; su existencia es la alegría;
sentirlo, olerlo, es un placer, es una pasión.

Soy tan terrible, que juego con las formas, sin reglas,
sin trampas, pero tan terrible, tan terrible, que tal vez
a alguna gente no le guste, pero aqui estoy.



I am a terrible child, who plays with colors
like a weaver ñusta that dyes the sacred robes

I am a child with small hands who plays with mud
like an amauta with the stars
that observes the destiny of life.

I am a child who builds and destroys and creates.
I draw the light, the air and the mountains for life,
the joy and happiness of good men.

I am a child from the Andes, who plays with the rainbow.
The color; its existence is joy;
feel it, smell it, it is a pleasure, it is a passion.

I am so terrible, that I play with the forms, without rules,
no cheating, but so terrible, so terrible, that maybe
some people don’t like it, but here I am.

This is a sample of his work:

Roberto Mamani Mamani
Roberto Mamani Mamani
Roberto Mamani Mamani
Roberto Mamani Mamani

Last this is the one that inspired my angel the most. It is a Mother Earth inspired work:

Roberto Mamani Mamani

And this is my angel:

And this is the process:

What do you think? I felt I captured his work well. The only place where I deviated was in the hands. I chose smaller and more geometric ones.

If you want to enjoy more of the work by this amazing artist and hear him check out one of the galleries from his website HERE and the following video:


    1. Hi Carol,

      I apologize about the late reply. I thought I had done it before but I think I forgot to approve your comment first? No idea!
      Anyways, these are some the awards he has won. This information came from the artist’s website in case you want to check it out:


      · Master of Masters Distinction in Pictorial Art, Tomás Frías University. Potosí-Bolivia.
      · Castillo de Oro Distinction, for highlighting the culture, customs and values ​​of the country. Military College of the Bolivian Army Gualberto Villarroel. La Paz, Bolivia.

      · Distinction Illustrious Person and man of culture of the Original Nations by the municipal government of Villa Tunari, Cochabamba.

      · Medal of cultural merit. Prefecture of the department of La Paz, Bolivia

      · Special guest at the First Ladies of America conference, Santiago de Chile.

      · 1st. Prize in drawing, Pedro Domingo Murillo Salon
      · 1st. Photography Award. World Population Day, United Nations.
      · Special Guest by the US Government to visit and exhibit his work in eight states, and give lectures on the Andean Cosmovision.

      Take care,



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