I ate at a Burmese/Myanmar Restaurant!

A very good friend told me about a Burmese restaurant walking distance from my home! It had not occurred to me to look for one! So thankful! So I finally went yesterday.

This is what the place looked like:

I loved the artwork… this was so adorable:

That is totally me! ^ ^.

The restaurant had a small market:

I wonder if this is like a soup concentrate… ? ^ ^ I love their written language so much! It looks like bubbles!

This was the menu:

So hard to pick. I was so excited as I learned from the waiter that the cook was the owner!!! So I would be eating even closer to real Burmese food! Of course I wanted to eat Mohinga and know how close I was to the actual dish… but that chicken coconut soup kept calling my name! So in the end I ordered the chicken soup, with a side serving of plata which I discovered is their bread! And to drink I settled on a yogurt drink. And… to go I ordered the Mohinga! ^ ^

The soup was so, so, so good! The noodles were fresh, the taste of the broth and the chicken! The plata was like a tortilla that peeled into different layers. And the drink of yogurt was simply perfect. I always crave milk when I eat Asian food… I think it’s becasue my body is trying to even it out the spice somehow! No idea really but this drink was great! So refreshing!

And this was the Mohinga for lunch today!

And guess what! I came pretty close in flavor! I couldn’t believe it! I noticed that he used lentils to thicken the broth and this gave it a slight texture mine did not have but other than that! Also notice the crusty add on… it is made with lentils and some sort of flour mix that is cooked like a pancake… I read about this… that they do different vegetables cooked like this that they add on top of the soup as a garnish.

I have to go back and taste more foods! ^ ^. If you live in Boston here is the address and contact info. They are on Grubhub!

I want to end with a special thanks to the waiter/cashier and assistant cook who was so kind! From him I learned that the name of this restaurant is a mountain range in Myanmar. Of course I had to look them up… here they are:

They are towards the Southwest of Myanmar… they are known as the Rakhine Yoma mountains. So beautiful! The story these mountains know… do you know?

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