Making Ajiaco Colombiano

This is a delicious chicken-potato soup from Colombia. I think it is the same dish as Ajiaco Potato Soup from Peru and Pisca Andina from Venezuela. So it is probably more of an Andean Soup! I made a much smaller quantity than the original recipe so I will write both ingredients. Mine will be in the parenthesis.


3 chicken breasts, skinless with bone (1 tray of chicken breast slices)

12 cups of water (4 cups of water)

3 ears of corn (I used 2)

salt and pepper to taste (same)

2 chicken bouillon cubes (1 package of chicken stock)

3 scallions (1 scallion and a round of regular onions cut in little pieces)

2 garlic cloves (same)

3 spoons of fresh cilantro ( I used about a quarter of a bunch)

6 potatoes, 3 white, 3 red peeled and cut in rounds (I used 4 small Russet potatoes and cut them in little cubes)

2 cups of mini potatoes ( I used none)

1 cup of guascas (it is a herb from Colombia, I used 3 bay leaves)

1 cup of heavy cream (I used half a cup)

1 cup of capers (1/4 cup if that!)


1. In a big pot place the chicken, the corn, the chicken bouillon or stock, cilantro, onion, garlic, salt and pepper. Add water and bring to a boil, lower to medium heat and cook for about 35-40 minutes. Remove the chicken. (Because I used frozen corn, I did not cook the corn here. I also fried the garlic and onions in olive oil.)

2. Cut the potatoes in rounds (I did cubes)

3. Continue to cook the corn for 30 more minutes. Add the potatoes and the guascas (bay leaves) and cook for 30 more minutes in medium heat. (I placed a bit of the cilantro to give extra herb taste too.)

4. Cut the chicken in small pieces and add to the pot. (Here I added the corn and cooked all for about 7 minutes.)

5. Serve the soup in plates. Add whipped heavy cream and capers (I added some cut scallion and cilantro pieces too)

6. Slurp, sip and delight!

Everything is bursting for Spring! Even my garlic cloves! ^ ^


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