Slovak Slovenčina, the Slovak Language.

Slovak Slovenčina is a Western Slavic language spoken by about 5.6 million people in Slovakia and also in Canada, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Ukraine and the USA. This language is closely related to Czech, Polish, and the Sorbian languages of eastern Germany.

This is a West Slavic language closely related to Czech, Polish, and the Sorbian languages of eastern Germany. It is the official language of Slovakia. Slovak is written in the Roman (Latin) alphabet. Although there are traces of the Slovak language in Latin documents of the 11th–15th century and in the Czech of the 14th–16th century, the earliest-known attempts to increase the use of written Slovak came in the 17th and 18th centuries, when Roman Catholics centered at the University of Trnava tried to introduce Slovak for use in their hymnal and other church books. The language did not become accepted as a literary language, however, until a group led by the Protestant L’udovít Štúr (1815–56) began to write in the central Slovak dialects. The language of these writings, as modified and codified by Martin Hattala in his grammar of 1852, rapidly gained approval and was accepted as standard. Cr. Encyclopedia Britannica.

Note: One thing to remember is to not call it Slovakian! It’s Slovak or Slovak Language if you want to be more precise as to what you are referring to. They also call Slovak their people. So a person from Slovakia is a Slovak, not a Slovakian either!

This is the alphabet… it is the longest European alphabet with 46 letters!

Ready to hear it?

And here are a few useful words and phrases:

AnoYes  (pronounced AAH-noh)
Ahoj!Hi! & Bye! (casual way, greeting 1 person)
Ahojte!Hi! & Bye! (casual way, greeting more people)
Dobry den!Hello! (polite way) (Pronounced DOH-bree deñ)
Dovidenia!Good-bye! (polite way) (Pronounced doh VEE-deh-nyah)
DakujemThank you (Pronounced JAH-koo-yehm)
ProsimPlease/You are welcome

Ready for a mini lesson of basic Slovak? Here you go!

Last here is a video of what it sounds like regularly:

And now I will say “Dobrú noc”…!

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