Creating Art inspired by L’udovít Fulla, an artist from Slovakia.

May 7, 2021

During this project I will choose at least one artist and try to create art inspired by their work. As I looked at diferent artists from Slovakia, this one, Ludovit Fulla cautivated me with his colorful modernist paintings.

L’udovít Fulla was born on February 27, 1902 in Ružomberok. He was a Slovak painter, graphic artist, illustrator, stage designer and art teacher. He is considered one of the most important figures of Slovak creative art in the 20th century. This is what he looked like:

From the website of his gallery:

(He) “…studied at the private school of Gustáv Mallý in Bratislava (1921 – 1922) and at the School of Applied Arts in Prague (1922 – 1927, under prof. Arnošt Hofbauer, František Kysela).

The ideas of the School of Arts and Crafts in Bratislava, the center of the avant-garde struggle in Slovakia, were close to those of the Bauhaus School, which strived to connect all types of art in practice.  Fulla worked at this school throughout most of its existence and his most radical work was created in this period. Together with Mikuláš Galanda, he published The Private Letters of Fulla and Galanda, the first and in fact only manifest of modern painting in Slovakia. Their intention was to theoretically formulate their purely modernist artistic concept.

Fulla’s international successes were not confined to painting. For this avantgarde stage designs for the Slovak National Theatre he was awarded the Bronze Medal at the Triennals in Milan (1936) and the Silver Medal in Paris (1937).

His lagacy is well preserved in a gallery in Ružomberok. This gallery was founded as a result of an agreement between the artist and the state according to which Fulla donated a large collection of exhibits and the state built a gallery to house it, along with a studio and apartment. The Gallery of Ľudoví Fulla was opened on July 2, 1969 and the artist lived there almost up to his death in 1980.

This is what the building of his gallery looks like:

Ready to see his work? He has so, so so much! Look HERE. (It is an online gallery of many Slovak artists.) But his paintings in the 1940’s are the ones that captivated me. Here are some:

This next one was one of my favorites:

And these two ladies:

His work was easily recognized by the reds, oranges and yellows that infused his work with a very special energy.

So I set out to create an angel. If fact I’m not a 100 % sure yet, but I think I will create anangel inspired by an artist of each country. Why an angel? Because I love angels and my second name Gabriela is after Archangel Gabriel. I have faith that someday I’ll have 195 angels as a way to say thank GOD for the completion of this amazing project. Who knows maybe I’ll even have an exhibit! ^ ^

Here is a photo of the completed piece:

Notice in this gallery the similarities:

This is a video with timelapses and photos of the process:

In general I am happy with my painting because it does remind me of Fulla’s work in the colors and the way he created his backgrounds. However I think I was a bit shy in the angel part of the painting about breaking it up into more geometric shapes. For the angel I was inspired in bridal folk dresses from Slovakia. I love the way they tie those ribbons like it was their hair… and their flower head pieces! Look:

Cr. Pintarest

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