Making a Comorian Sandalwood Facemask

I had never smelled sandalwood before… at least not that I remember. My first thought was, it smells like cosmetics! And there is a reason for this sandalwood’s essence is used in many, many! cosmetics.

There are various species of sandalwood but the most common is the one that comes from India. It is know scientifically as Santalum album. And this is what it looks like a young tree:

Cr. Wiki Commons

This is a detail of the leaves. The plant resembles mistletoe.

Cr. Wiki Commons

And this is its beautiful flower:

Cr. Wiki Commons

Women in the Comoros make its wood into a powder and then into a face mask they wear in public as a beauty enhancer and sunblock.

Today I tried making it. I was not able to find a Comorian recipe online. I found one from India. I guess these sandalwood masks are very popular there too and various other locations along the Indian Ocean.

So the ingredients you need are:

sandalwood powder (I found it in Amazon for 8$)

a half a lime or lemon

egg white

Then you need a stone to mix the ingredients. The best one looks like this and it has a piece of sandalwood to stir it:

Since I did not have that, I used one of my mom’s ceramic plates and a wooden cooking sppoon. ^ ^. Then I mixed the ingredients. I made about a quarter of the pack with two eggs whites. Here is a video of my whole experience:

Just look at this glow:

Here is a video of a child making the mask in Comoros. Their sandalwood is a lot lighter!

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