Making Empanadas Argentinas

Yesterday, I made Empanadas Argentinas with a beautiful woman from Argentina. I was looking for some virtual experiences for my students and I bumped into Amazon Explore. Have you heard of this Amazon service? Well basically it’s the same concept as mine… to travel the world virtually, but with their billion dollar machine behind them, they have a platform through which you can experience the world… virtually. For real!!! It is incredible!!!

So I booked my experience there, and sure enough at 1:00PM I was talking to a young tour guide who loves to cook named Ailin. I could see and hear her and she could only hear me. I guess they do that on purpose so you can be in your pajamas if you want. It was simply perfect. I booked a private experience and so I had all the attention of the host for 1 hour for the incredible price of $20! No I’m not kidding!!! South American trips are really affordable!

This is a photo of the experience I chose:

I learned from Ailin that the classic Argentine Empanada is the beef one. However they also make them with chicken, cheese, cheese and spinach and ham. Here is the recipe:


After following this recipe I ended up with 6 medium size empanadas and left over filling that could have made about 6 more. So if I was to make this recipe again I would double the amount for the dough.

I have a little story about the wine to tell you. I’m not much of a wine drinker so I had never heard of a “Malbec” wine. And Argentina is the number one producer of this type of wine, even though it is originally French. So it was extraordinary when I stood looking lost in front of the wine section in Trader Joes and wondering where on earth I would finad a Malbec wine, only to find the wine… well…right in front of me!!!

Yes incredible price! I tried it when I got home and I found I liked it more with food.


I will place photos I took of Ailing with the ones I took while cooking…

1. First we made the dough, we mixed the flour with the butter (room temperature) and a bit of warm water… add it in slowly as needed, you probably will have some left over.

2. Then we placed the dough in the freezer in a plastic bag.

3. We then stir fried the onions and garlic, and then added the peppers and cooked until all golden.

Yes, she was so nice! As sweet as she looks!

4. We also added salt, sugar and pepper to taste.

5. We added the meat, the paprika and the bay leaf and let it cook until all brown and nicely separated.

6. We then added the wine and stock. She said it din’t matter what kind of stock you had. Here I would recommend not adding so much stock. Because two cups of liquid is a lot! Let it cook until it is reduced…

7. Then we made many circles with the dough. Ailin recommended the size of a ping pong ball. I was able to make 6. And you add the meat “guiso” in the center:

8. Then you close it up and turn the ends. She taught me the Buenos Aires way of decorating the edge to the empanadas. By the Sixth one I finally got it! If I have a chance I’ll post a video in YouTube: and place it here.

And tadaaa!!!

Sadly, when the time is up it is up… you could see the warning that our time was coming to an end. But we were able to finish! It was so fun and great! Then I finished preparing all of mine. Look at the difference between the first and the sixth one:

Food…when one cooks it gives such a great sense of accomplishment! I added the yolk of an egg to them to make them look nice and golden!


It was… deliciosa!!!

And the best part plenty of leftovers!

HERE is the link in case you want to do this with Ailin! So worth it!!!

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